The best kept secret for a hybrid or virtual event in the fall

It’s time to think outside the computer screen when it comes to your virtual event. Provide your attendees with a setting that is interesting, and in New Orleans, there is no better time to start than now…


Fall is almost here! There’s cool air at the end of this steamy summer tunnel.


One of New Orleans’ best kept secrets to experience the season is the New Orleans Botanical Garden. Even more, the open air of the beautiful gardens makes this outdoor venue the perfect destination for activities during a pandemic. And did you know – there is a wonderful new outdoor kitchen in the New Orleans Botanical Garden? In fact, the “Kitchen in the Garden” has become a hub of entertainment, education, and great food.


Better yet, these gardens offer an incredible backdrop for your hybrid or virtual event. 

Kitchen in the Garden perfect for virtual cooking demo or cocktail hour for your virtual event
Can you see your cocktail hour at this "Kitchen in the Garden?"

The perfect stage for your virtual event

The New Orleans Botanical Garden is the perfect venue for almost any event: traditional, hybrid, or virtual. No need to wrestle with a green screen for this venue. It sets a backdrop unlike anything you’ll see around the city.


Let’s imagine a hybrid conference or virtual event on practically anything. Then picture these elements to enhance the experience for your audience on-site and online:

  • The Japanese Garden is an ideal stage for a meditation break.
  • The Kitchen in the Garden is the perfect set for a cooking demonstration or cocktail hour
  • Garden of the Sun is a wonderful setting for a sunset keynote address
  • A virtual walk through the Butterfly Garden is another picturesque break between sessions
Japanese Garden is a nice spot for a meditation break or yoga class for your virtual event
"The Japanese Garden" offers peace and tranquility for your break between sessions.

If you’d like to book the New Orleans Botanical Garden, contact ACCENT New Orleans. We offer planning and production services for all events, large or small, traditional or virtual. 

Lagniappe for the Locals

 As mentioned, you can find great food in the New Orleans Botanical Garden prepared by Chef Pat White on Wednesday evenings. Food is limited so order ahead at this link

But there’s more than just food to try! The Garden offers famous Botanical Garden Mojitos as well as other beverages at the garden’s full bar. And thanks to The Helis Foundation, these Wednesday evenings in the Garden are free to Louisiana residents.

Look out for more dinner opportunities in October. The New Orleans Botanical Garden has developed multiple smaller gardens, which will be the set for a very special program this October. 

The Shade Garden is a wonderful backdrop for a breakout session in your virtual event
"The Shade Garden" at night.

Appropriately named “Dinner in Your Secret Garden,” tables of 2, 4, or 6 will be placed among the gardens with dinner prepared by Chef Pat White. These dinners will take place in the Sun Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Shade Garden, and the Chapel of Rain garden.

Chef Frank Brigsten will also have his turn for “Dinner with Class” over two weekends in October. Look out for reservations at Eventbrite!

Time and Fruit Flies

The Garden of the Sun is our favorite location for a key note address in your virtual event
Picture your keynote at the Garden of the Sun.

 As we walked through the Garden of the Sun with Paul Soniat, Director of the New Orleans Botanical Garden, he left us with the saying: 

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”

We looked on to the sun dial and pondered. His silly, garden-path sentence depicted this crazy year perfectly. We’ve scratched our heads and stroked our chins overcoming the challenges that have plagued the events industry since March. But like the sentence, it’s been a joy at the end of the day to help our clients succeed. 


It’s important to step back and appreciate the little things. I mean, it’s hard not to be optimistic when you’re surrounded by lush foliage and butterflies, as you are in the New Orleans Botanical Garden. Bring a blanket to enjoy the beautiful fall nights in these marvelous gardens, and imagine this as the scene for your next grand party or virtual event. When you’re ready to make those dreams come true, call Team ACCENT to plan it. 

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