Trends in New Orleans: Hotel Rooftop Bars

Pontchartrain Hotel rooftop bar

For years, hotels have included great restaurants and notable bars as an essential part of their success. Recently a new trend has emerged across the nation. Hotels are now stepping up their game with the alluring rooftop bar. While the trend has been seen over the past few years in larger cities across America, it has now made its way down south and is popping up in New Orleans.


Wondering why it is such a popular trend? Think bottom line. Before a rooftop bar is added to a hotel, the rooftop is simply that- an empty rooftop. Turning this wasted space into an area that can add to one’s bottom line is brilliant.


For hotel guests and other patrons, a rooftop bar is appealing because it can provide wonderful views of the city along with a fun way to engage with others. It can also be the ideal place to host private parties or other special events. The flexibility that the space has makes it appealing to many. It can attract the after-work happy hour crowd or the late-night group of socialites.


As it provides great benefits to both those that own the bar and those that support it, the trend should only continue to grow. So get out and enjoy views from the top!