Team Spotlight: Wendy deBen, Sales Manager

Wendy deBen knows just about everything a person can when it comes to the ins and outs of New Orleans.  It definitely shows in her role as a Sales Manager, where she goes above and beyond for her clients every day to insure they have the best possible experience while in New Orleans.


Wendy has spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, working in events at City Park, developing and designing restaurants here in the Crescent City, and of course working in Destination Management, which is her true passion.


Wendy lives and works in the heart of downtown and has such a profound love for the city of New Orleans –it is infectious to those around her.  For anyone who follows her on Facebook, you know she loves New Orleans solely based on how many photos she shares of food, architecture, art & music. Ask her about a particular restaurant or chef and she will give you a perfectly detailed description that is more accurate and authentic than anything you could find online.


When Wendy is not promoting and selling the city of New Orleans to clients from around the world, she spends time with her beautiful daughter, Marguerite, and her two rescue dogs Bella and Peanut.  Wendy also spends many weekends and holidays in Bay St. Louis, MS with extended family- this is her favorite getaway spot just as it has been for many New Orleanians for decades.  Of course, she can’t stay away too long as her favorite city lures her right back with its amazing food, cocktails and live music.