Planning events in a pandemic

Distanced events can still be intimate events!

Let’s make meetings personal again.  With so many webinars flooding our networks, your audience or attendees will appreciate an “IRL” event like nothing else. Give your audience the human interaction they crave by planning a small, safe event. 


Not sure where to start? No worries! With more than 30 years of event planning experience, ACCENT New Orleans has your back. Rather than “social distancing,” we like to create “safe gatherings.” Follow these steps to create the perfect intimate event.

1. Know your guests

First things first, who are you inviting? Create a guest list! 


Selecting your guests is the most important part of event planning these days. Your guest list will lead every decision you make: location, seating, safety, and much more. 


Whether you’re planning a personal dinner party or destination meeting for corporate executives, safety is key! This list allows you to know your distancing needs and create safe spaces for guests who need special attention. 


It also helps to learn what your guests are comfortable with while attending an event. When sending event invitations or seeking RSVPs, ask your guests what their risk tolerance is. This information is valuable in curating an experience that fits each individual’s needs and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. 

2. Finding the best location that suits your needs

Now that you have your guest list, where should your event take place? These next steps should follow your city’s COVID-19 phasing guide. For example, New Orleans is currently at Phase Two of reopening. That means:

  • Indoor gatherings are limited to 25 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity, whichever is lower. 
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 people. 
  • Conference venues and meeting rooms are limited to 50% capacity or 250 people, whichever is fewer.

However, don’t let safety requirements drain all the fun from your event! See this as an opportunity to try a new, creative venue. 


Once you know where you can host your event, pick a location that matches your needs. Next up: what is your safety plan?

3. Protect your guests

Nothing feels better at an event than trusting your planner has everything under control. This also goes for safety planning. A clear safety plan removes the stress your guests may feel when they enter a new space. Keep them at ease with an easy-to-understand plan and visible messaging about what is expected when they arrive. 


These days, protective equipment is just as integral to your event as tablecloths and chair rentals. Your safety plan and guest list should dictate what kind of equipment is needed to create a safe environment. Will you have to create signage? Floor markers?  Renting plexi-glass shields? These are just a few examples of our new normal.

Have you considered an event planner?

Events should be fun, and they still can be if you have the right team in place. In a distanced world, small events have never been more necessary and more difficult. It’s time to let event professionals plan gatherings, whether you’re celebrating with a small group or meeting with your entire office. 

ACCENT New Orleans is a destination management company in business since 1991. We are your one-stop shop to create an unforgettable event. Every event has its challenges, and planning during a pandemic is just another challenge to overcome. ACCENT New Orleans has the know-how and resources to create safe events that typical party planners lack. 

We offer:

  • Protective equipment such as social distancing floor markers, safety signage, plexi-glass shields, and more
  • Safety planning and guidance 
  • Unique locations that fit your event’s safety needs
  • Cultural experiences that are not available on webinars or virtual events
  • On-site event management to implement safety measures and practices 
  • Local catering and transportation services
  • On-site children’s programs so your guests do not have to worry about childcare 

Let ACCENT New Orleans do all the hard work so you can enjoy a lovely event. You've earned it.