New Orleans: A Pooch’s Paradise

Looking to bring Fido with you to The Big Easy? Not a problem! Currently, there are around 160 pet friendly hotels to choose from in the city of New Orleans. Just recently, New Orleans newest hotel, the NOPSI Hotel, announced they will be allowing pets to stay in select rooms. The hotel features a pet-friendly patio area, UNDERCurrent, which features gourmet menu items to order for your pooch.

We decided to put this new patio to the test, by throwing a “Puppy Birthday Pawty” for one of our staff’s dogs and it was a huge success! The NOPSI staff truly went above and beyond for our furry friend and her pals. They presented the puppy (Roo) with a Birthday card signed by the staff, and peanut butter puppy pop treats for all of Roo’s friends. They also surprised Roo with a gourmet Bowser Burger from their pooch menu as a special treat. It was truly an unforgettable evening and Roo left with a huge smile on her adorable furry face.

In addition to the NOPSI hotel, there are over 80 restaurants in New Orleans that now welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. From delicious bar food and brews at The Bulldog or Dat Dog, to a more upscale dining establishment like Red Dog Diner, Lilette, or Herbsaint, the options are truly endless.

Between Birthday Pawtys, Dog Friendly Hotels, and Restaurants New Orleans is definitely a Pooch’s Paradise!