New Orleans Empty Event

Advocating for the Live Events Industry with a New Orleans Empty Event.

An #emptyevent showcases the number of live event professionals that have been devastated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to say that it’s New Orleans’ turn to stand up for the Live Events industry on Tuesday, October 20th. Please help support the New Orleans Empty Event by following #NewOrleansEmptyEvent and sharing on social media. 

Nationally, the live events industry creates more than 12M jobs and generates over $1T annually. In New Orleans, the live events and tourism industry employs 89,000 people, but most importantly, these industries sustain our culture. Our cherished culture bearers and talented industry professionals are out of work and suffering.

We need help from the White House and Congress to save our industry and save our culture. You can help by sharing our posts on social media and contacting your legislators to demand action.

About #EmptyEvent

Empty Events first started by Live Events Coalition to bring awareness of the live events industry. Nancy Shaffer, president of the coalition’s board, says that these staged events… are designed to “to showcase and remind people that [an event] doesn’t magically appear. That there are these extremely talented and highly skilled and trained professionals that build this.” 

Live Events Coalition

A volunteer-run, nonpartisan, not for profit organization created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on the live events industry. We exist to provide advocacy, resources, and a network that connects and supports all of the businesses, contractors, and our workforce of 12 million people – the lifeblood of every event.

The Coalition advocates for and supports the many voices that make up the live events industry. We are hospitality, planners, caterers, talent, musicians, producers, technicians, general contractors, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, and so much more.


COVID RELIEF NOW, a new coalition of nearly 300 major public and private sector groups across the U.S., is calling for Congress to take action NOW and come together to pass a bipartisan economic relief package before the 2020 elections. Millions of jobs and the survival of small businesses as well as vital government services are on the line.

Live Events Coalition

Advocating for the protection of the events industry. While our immediate concern is to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19 by offering our industry's considerable expertise to aid the recovery—supporting everything from building ventilators and PPE, to setting up temporary medical and testing facilities—we recognize the need to mobilize our resources now to ensure local, state, and federal legislators support policies that will accelerate recovery for the events industry workers and businesses, when the time is right to consider such legislation.