King Cakes Galore

With Carnival season in full swing, we feel it’s time to talk King Cake. There are so many to choose from with various fillings, icings, and delicious sugar coatings. We’ll share with you 6 of the best king cakes around town from traditional to apple and goat cheese filling.


McKenzie’s Tastee Restaurant

An oldie, but a goodie. McKenzie’s Bakery is no longer in operation, but you can still find their traditional sugary king cakes at Tastee. Plus, you get the bonus of picking up a dozen donuts on your outing.


By Stephen Woods


Cottage Catering & Bakery- Caluda’s King Cakes

There are so many different flavors at this Harahan spot such as white chocolate bread pudding, maple bacon praline, and strawberry cream cheese. Of course, they also serve up a delicious traditional king cake if you aren’t wild about those other varieties.


By Cottage Catering & Bakery



The uptown dessert boutique located on Magazine Street creates a beautiful treat. The pastry is baked with cinnamon and raw cane sugar as well as a light cream cheese. Its glossy frosting makes it almost too pretty to eat, but you will make the sacrifice because it is delightful.

By Sucré New Orleans


Cake Café & Bakery

If you want something a little different, you should stop by this Marigny establishment and order their signature apple and goat cheese filled king cake. They also have a raspberry cream cheese, pecan cream cheese and traditional king cake for patrons to choose from.

Cake Cafe and Bakery

By Cake Café & Bakery


Haydel’s Bakery

Haydel’s is where you will find the traditional dough with cinnamon and a light, delectable icing. They have a few variations on shape and color with a black & gold king cake, a heart shaped king cake, an easter-pastels cake and more.


By Mike Allen


Manny Randazzo’s

Known as the most traditional to locals, Randazzo’s braided king cake is sure to please many. Aside from traditional, Randazzo’s offers cream cheese, apple, lemon, strawberry, royal and pecan praline king cakes. All of them are delicious and served with love.

By Paul Broussard


Whether you are near or far, you can still enjoy the treats of Mardi Gras because many of these bakeries will ship their king cakes. The truth is you can’t find a bad king cake around, and in this city you have so many wonderful places to choose from. Happy Carnival Season!