Festivals, Food, and Fun: Explore the Vibrant Summer Celebrations of New Orleans

Mark Twain famously said, “Life is short and there’s no time for dullness.” Well, New Orleans took that quote to heart, especially in the summertime when most cities become dormant. Steeped in rich history and pulsating with vibrant culture, the city explodes with electrifying summer festivals and events.


If you’re craving a summer that’s anything but ordinary, then head straight for the Crescent City. It offers a jam-packed summer calendar filled with events that cater to every interest. Let’s explore why New Orleans should be your top summer destination!


Festivals, Food, and Fun: Explore the Vibrant Summer Celebrations of New Orleans. "San Fermin en Nueva Orleans", a "Running of the Bulls" event with roller derby women taking the role of the bulls, New Orleans.


Summer 2024 Event Calendar


⚜️ Gay Pride Month Events: All of June
⚜️ New Orleans Wine & Food Experience: June 5-9
⚜️ French Market Creole Tomato Festival: June 8-9
⚜️ New Orleans Juneteenth Festival: June 19
⚜️ Essence Festival: July 4-7
⚜️ Tales of the Cocktail: July 21-26
⚜️ Running of the Bulls: July 13
⚜️ Satchmo SummerFest: August 2-4
⚜️ White Linen Night: August 3
⚜️ Dirty Linen Night: August 10
⚜️ NOLA Pickle Fest: August 7-11
⚜️ COOLinary New Orleans: Entire month of August
⚜️ Southern Decadence: Labor Day Weekend


Month-by-Month Must-Sees




Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of New Orleans during Gay Pride Month. Take in the dazzling costumes, electrifying music, and celebratory spirit that fills the streets with colorful parades and joyful block parties.


Savor delicious food and drinks from all corners of the globe at the renowned New Orleans Wine & Food Experience. From grand tastings to intimate wine dinners and lively cooking demonstrations, this event is a paradise for foodies and beverage enthusiasts alike.


Let freedom ring at the NOLA Juneteenth Festival, a vibrant celebration commemorating the abolition of slavery. Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural traditions of African Americans through live music, drumming circles, and captivating dance performances in Congo Square.


Celebrate the return of the Creole tomato season at the French Market Creole Tomato Festival. This free event is a taste bud explosion, offering a bounty of fresh Creole tomatoes showcased in delicious dishes, cooking demonstrations, and live music that captures the essence of New Orleans.




Kick off your summer with the iconic Essence Festival, a legendary celebration of African-American music and culture. Groove to the sounds of renowned artists, engage in inspiring talks and workshops, and experience the vibrant marketplace bursting with creativity and energy.


For a unique twist on tradition, join the quirky San Fermin en Nueva Orleans aka Running of the Bulls. Instead of angry beasts, roller derby skaters from the Big Easy Rollergirls chase runners through the heart of the French Quarter, creating an adrenaline-pumping experience filled with laughter and cheers.


Don’t miss Tales of the Cocktail, a prestigious event dedicated to the art of the cocktail. Witness master mixologists crafting innovative libations, attend educational seminars, and delve into the rich history and culture of cocktails from around the globe.




Pay homage to the legendary Louis Armstrong at the Satchmo SummerFest. Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of jazz through live performances, educational seminars, and delicious New Orleans cuisine. Celebrate the legacy of this musical icon and experience the vibrant spirit of jazz that continues to define New Orleans.


Art enthusiasts will revel in the elegant White Linen Night. Don your finest white attire and stroll through the Warehouse District transformed into an open-air art gallery. Galleries showcase captivating exhibitions, live music fills the air, and delectable bites and drinks await at participating restaurants.


Join both locals and visitors alike for Dirty Linen Night, a more relaxed follow-up to White Linen Night. Grab your “dirty linens” worn the previous week and explore the art scene on Julia and Royal Streets. Galleries, shops, and eateries open their doors for a night of artistic discovery and casual exploration.


Throughout the month, indulge in special dining deals during COOLinary New Orleans. Participating restaurants across the city offer three-course lunch, dinner, and brunch menus at a fraction of the regular price. This month-long event is a fantastic opportunity to sample the city’s mouthwatering cuisine and discover new culinary gems.


Pickleball enthusiasts, rejoice! The NOLA Pickle Fest offers a chance to compete in tournaments, cheer on fellow players, or simply enjoy watching this fast-paced and exciting sport.


Labor Day Weekend


Wrap up your summer with the extravagant Southern Decadence, an annual LGBTQ+ event that’s anything but ordinary. Witness vibrant parades filled with dazzling costumes and elaborate floats, energetic dance parties that spill onto the streets, and a celebratory spirit that defines this one-of-a-kind New Orleans tradition.


Summer Festivals are just a taste of the electrifying energy New Orleans offers year-round. From the vibrant inclusivity of Gay Pride Month to the soulful sounds of Satchmo SummerFest, this dynamic city pulsates with cultural richness. Unleash the power of New Orleans for your next corporate event by partnering with ACCENT New Orleans DMC, your expert event planning team. We craft unforgettable experiences that capture the essence of the Crescent City, no matter the season. Request an RFP and let’s start planning your extraordinary event!