Change in Seasons Brings a New Approach to Events in New Orleans

Spring in New Orleans is without a doubt one of the best times of the year – the weather is beautiful, seafood delicacies bring people together for crawfish and crab boils, there are no shortage of events and festivals, and the list goes on. The change in season also brings opportunity for us to incorporate unique and timely aspects into our events.


Outdoor Events

The temperate weather opens new and beautiful options for event venues. One of our favorite outdoor venues is the Botanical Gardens in City Park which has wonderful outdoor space in addition to their main space, significantly increasing the square footage and the capacity possible.


Events with outdoor space create a beautiful backdrop and are especially loved by clients and attendees traveling from up north who are still thawing out from winter.


Seasonal Food & Beverage Offerings

It wouldn’t be spring in New Orleans without crawfish or crab boils! They are a great way to bring family and friends together, but they are also great for events. One of our favorite locations is along the Mississippi River. We recently did a boil for a client with Rockin’ Dopsie playing, and it was a great day, an experience that can only happen in New Orleans!


Leading up to summer, sno-balls have become a staple in New Orleans. The cold and refreshing sweet treat is a great addition to parties as it is or can even be served with liquor for a great adult treat.


Different Experiences

The weather is also ideal for activities like bike tours, swamp tours, kayak in Bayou St. John and fishing – great to incorporate into our clients’ programs.