Wendy DeBen

With 25 years in the hospitality industry, Wendy is a veteran at providing excellent customer service for her clients. She prides herself on being available 24/7 to all of her clients. Wendy is extremely involved in the culinary, music and art scene in New Orleans. Her deep love for New Orleans is infectious and when working with Wendy the love she has for New Orleans is sure to rub off on your team!


Getting to know Wendy

What is your favorite restaurant/chef in New Orleans?

Very large question that I will have to answer in two parts…

There are so many amazing restaurants in New Orleans that I (as a self proclaimed foodie) have a very hard time picking one –so I am going to pick one based on the whole experience and say Galatoire’s in the French Quarter. Everything on the menu is delicious, but the overall energy of Galatoire’s is just an incredible backdrop for creating the best memories with friends. It is always packed full of our most eccentric locals having a great time.  I love this about our city!! I typically spend every birthday there with plenty of friends.


Favorite Chef- Right now I would say Alon Shaya. Other than being completely gifted in the kitchen and bringing the most diverse and incredible food to our city—he has great moral character and work ethic thus being named by James Beard as Best Chef South and SHAYA being Best New Restaurant in America.



Where is the best place to listen to music?

Again, so many incredible places it is hard to narrow it down, however, I find myself at two most often….House of Blues Foundation Room and Main Music hall  and then Spotted Cat on Frenchman Street which has great live music and Jazz every night of the week and also a favorite of many famous musicians when they come to our city—oddly enough also where Robert Plant and I got kicked out together! That’s an interesting story for sure! (not as bad as it sounds)


Do you have a favorite festival?

Jazz Fest hands down! I love it so much and look forward to it every year! The music, the food, the people…it is AMAZING!!! My favorite Jazz Fest moment ever was sitting with Allen Toussaint on stage while watching Elton John play to a record crowd in 2015. Allen Toussaint was one of the most influential musical icons in New Orleans history…sadly it turned out to be his last JazzFest. An honor and a memory that I am so incredibly grateful to have.


What is your favorite cocktail?

My go-to is a dirty Tito’s Vodka Martini straight up…however, when I am in the presence of our amazing NOLA mixologists I would never insult them by ordering anything specific. I just say “make me something” and I get a wink and they do not disappoint!  I highly recommend it!