Desire’ De Montijo CIS DMCP

Desire’ De Montijo, CIS, DMCP brings over 35 years of hospitality experience, including 12 + years as a DMC professional at one of New Orleans DMCs. Desire’ believes the secret to success is being passionate, positive, and open to new opportunities to create exceptional events while delivering extraordinary service to her customers. Desire’ experiences have been the keen architect of a successful & well-respected career in the DMC, Special Events and Culinary Industries.


Desire’s passion for the industry and the City of New Orleans has few boundaries. She created and orchestrated technical and special events for all aspects of the some of the most well-known industry events in New Orleans. She served as co-chair of The Special Event Gala Dinner Celebration and NACE Experience, as well as other large industry events in New Orleans such including IPW and the New Orleans Food and Wine Experience